Featured image for Wiz Khalifa's Mistercap's Mushroom Kits Takes You On a Mycelium To Meal Journey

Wiz Khalifa's Mistercap's Mushroom Kits Takes You On a Mycelium To Meal Journey

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/21/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa’s heavy cannabis consumption is no secret. But Khalifa’s latest product is a wholly different crop—mushrooms.

Mistercap’s is a brand of organic DIY mushroom grow kits founded by the multiplatinum rapper. No, Mistercap’s doesn’t help you grow psychedelic fungi. Instead, Mistercap’s kits grow tasty and healthy mushrooms like Oyster, Lion’s Mane, and Shiitake. According to the brand, it's also one of the few manufacturers that sources and grows entirely in North America.

230803_MisterCap_Oyster_3 (1).jpg

Each kit comes in a colorful box reminiscent of collectible vinyl figurine packaging, and the boxes feature an illustration of a smiling, anthropomorphized mushroom on the front. The typography recalls shapes and forms from the fungi world, while the tops of the characters subtly resemble mushroom caps with varying widths and organic forms. The logo is a fun, pointy mushroom, which also gets deployed as an apostrophe in the wordmark.


“People love growing their own food,” said Khalifa in a press release. “People know so little about mushrooms, so my goal with Mistercap’s is to showcase its positive benefits and bring them to a wider audience.”

All three kits are available now at Mistercap.com.