Featured image for Latest Liquid Death Stunt Features Tom Segura Making Recycling 'Glorious'

Latest Liquid Death Stunt Features Tom Segura Making Recycling 'Glorious'

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/20/2023 | 1 Minute Read

Edgy and environmentally focused water brand Liquid Death continues garnering attention for itself, its canned beverages, pretty sweet merch, and its anti-plastic pollution stance with merchandise driven by innuendo-laced promotional campaigns faced by raunchy stand-up comics, this time partnering with Tom Segura to promote its “Recycling Glory Hole.”

For the uninitiated, the term “glory hole” refers to a NSFW thing that you probably shouldn’t google on a work computer. In Liquid Death’s case, its latest merchandise is glorious because it makes recycling easier. Tom Segura’s Recycling Glory Hole features the co-host of Your Mom’s House podcast, kneeling, mouth agape. A circular receptacle wide enough to receive tallboy-sized aluminum cans is cut out in the center of Segura’s face.

While the new merch is just a box to collect empty cans, the promotion is steeped in some obvious innuendo, and the dark, irreverent humor of both Segura and Liquid Death is a natural fit. For this campaign, the brand taps into Tom Segura’s penchant for sexually-themed shock humor to call attention to the fact that 95% of plastic isn’t recycled.


Tom Segura’s Recycling Glory Hole follows on the heels of the “real” Steve-O voodoo dolls and is available on Liquid Death’s website.