Featured image for Today's the Day! Safari Sundays Decodes Their Vibrant Slurpee Refresh

Today's the Day! Safari Sundays Decodes Their Vibrant Slurpee Refresh

by The Dieline on 09/19/2023 | 1 Minute Read

Get ready for some branding-inspired brain freeze, y'all.

NYC-based studio Safari Sundays recently redesigned one of 7-Eleven's most iconic brands, the frozen tasty delight we all know and love, aka the Slurpee.

Usually, refreshing a heritage brand includes balancing a need to modernize and appeal to a new generation of consumers while maintaining what makes them so beloved to fans in the first place. But then again, Slurpee isn't your average brand.

Decoded _ Slurpee Insta 3-80.jpg

Creative Director Adam Walko and Design Director Priscila Grassi of Safari Sundays will Decode the process behind their redesign and discuss how they managed to evolve Slurpee with a bold Gen Z-ready makeover that taps into what the brand is best known for—vibrant, electric colors, a look so refreshing you could taste it, big flavors, and a hefty dose of youth culture. Not only will you get insight into the creation of Slurpee's latest "S" monogram resembling a freshly-poured dollop of the icy treat, but you'll also learn about its new mascot and bespoke typeface the agency dreamed up.

Tune in—this is one you definitely don't want to miss.

When: September, 27th / 10 am PST

Title: Refreshing an American Icon (NOT Frozen in Time)

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