Featured image for Belgian Boys Says 'F*ck Pumpkin Spice Season, We're Going Maple' With Return of Pancake Cereal

Belgian Boys Says 'F*ck Pumpkin Spice Season, We're Going Maple' With Return of Pancake Cereal

by Bill McCool on 09/13/2023 | 2 Minute Read

It’s only September 13th, and we’re already experiencing pumpkin fatigue. Even Big Apple is trying to capitalize, betting on consumers having grown tired of that heady combination of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger, the occasional allspice, and definitely-not pumpkin. While food industry experts will be thirsty to know what moment—if any, really—caused the tide to turn, we all know that Pumpkin Spice Dude Wipes was the genuine jumping-the-shark moment.

Belgian Boys, however, is moving in a completely different direction. Last year, the Euro-inspired treat brand released a limited-edition pancake cereal, a viral sensation thanks to TikTokers that discovered you can make mini-pancakes and pour milk over them. Now, its pancake cereal has made a triumphant return, but instead of leaning into PSL season, they’re turning to one of autumn’s other cozy flavors—maple.


Packaging for the boxed, fluffy discs certainly looks like a seasonal gourd-inspired release, with a handful of falling leaves and a predominately (but deceptive) orange color palette. Of course, as your eyes move down the box, you'll find that the orange hue ends in sticky drips of the maple variety, a pretty decent fake-out for a time of the year hellbent on sweaty Uggs and sickly-sweet basic Starbucks flavor pumps.

"We've been strategically sharing Maple Pancake Cereal with retailers for several months after observing the results of the original release. As we eagerly anticipate the launch early this Fall, we're confident that this autumnal creation will captivate taste buds, generate excitement, and become an item consumers might crave again in the future, whenever tree leaves start turning orange again, of course. Experiencing fall through food is one of my favorite American Traditions,” said Anouck Gotlib, CEO of Belgian Boys, in a press release.

Belgian Boys Maple Pancake Cereal is available now at select Targets, Fresh Markets, Meijer, Giant Eagle Market District, Fox Trot, and Harmons for the anti-pumpkin minority. Get it before it’s gone.

Images courtesy of Belgian Boys.