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Wild Announces Refillable Shower Gel Dispenser System Designed By Morrama

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/08/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Wild is a brand of bathroom products that aims to eliminate single-use plastic waste in the category. The brand launched in 2020 with a deodorant comprised of a refillable aluminum applicator with product refills in compostable, bamboo-based packaging. What's more, they contained no sulfates, parabens, or aluminum salts, are vegan, and have never been tested on animals.

Wild’s latest product is a refillable shower gel. The Uk-based bathroom brand returned to the industrial design studio Morrama, who designed the Wild deodorant applicator, and tasked the agency to create an easy-to-refill pump that eliminates single-use plastic bottles.


Like the deodorant, the shower gel dispenser gets made from aluminum, and the pump contains 50% post-consumer recycled plastic pieces. While not strictly plastic-free, it’s a practical compromise meant to be reused many times, unlike the pumps in single-use shower gel bottles. The aluminum dispenser’s body comprises two pieces that house the refill bottle and screw together. The pump’s straw goes into the refill bottle and stands on the top of the dispenser. And, to put a bow on it, the finish and colors match Wild’s dispenser with a pleasant and contemporary that looks good in the shower.


While the dispenser’s pump has plastic bits, the refill bottles use compostable materials. Seventy percent of Wild’s refill bottle comes from bamboo starch, with the other 30% produced from starch derived from agricultural waste for added packaging rigidity. Once empty, the refill bottle can go in the compost heap or the general waste bin. According to Wild, the refill bottles will decompose faster than a banana peel.

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“Transporting liquids without plastic or high energy aluminum has, until now, been a major challenge for the cosmetics industry,” says Jo Barnard, founder of Morrama, in a press release. “As with the Wild deodorant, we wanted to ensure that the refill would leave no trace, breaking down completely, even in landfill conditions, in less than two years.”

Wild’s latest entry in the bathroom category comes as the brand has surpassed a 15 million deodorant refill sales milestone.