Featured image for Dieline’s Friday Wrap-Up: The OTHER Dieline Awards (AKA, Mine)

Dieline’s Friday Wrap-Up: The OTHER Dieline Awards (AKA, Mine)

by Bill McCool on 06/09/2023 | 4 Minute Read

Well, the awards are finally a wrap, as is the Dieline track from HOW Design Live in Nashville. We saw plenty of great speakers, witnessed amazing sessions and case studies, got an earful of inspiration, and huddled around piping mugs of Celestial Seasonings while regaling each other with stories of burnout. 

But if one topic dominated much of the conversation, it was AI—and we got plenty of eye candy and tips from ArtCenter’s Gerardo Herrera (here's Gerardo's Discord so you can learn more about what he's creating in AI and how). No matter what side of the AI debacle you’re on, we can at least agree that we should read a primer on Universal Basic Income (just sayin’, y’all).

All AI shenanigans aside, I couldn’t help but be jealous of our judges throwing Ds left and right at Monday's awards. Sure, we have the Editor’s Choice, but maybe I want to get in on the action with a few top honors of my own making.

So here we have it. I’m dedicating this week’s Friday Wrap-Up to my favorite Awards contenders. We’ll call it the OTHER Dieline Awards. Or the McCools. Whatever. 

Anywho, now that it's all over, I'm taking a well-deserved nap.

Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 4.44.54 PM.png

The OTHER Best in Show

You know I’m going plastic-free for my own personal Best in Show winner, and this one’s such a simple feat of product design. Yes, KANKAN's branding from Two Time Elliot is fantastic, but the forever pump from Morrama is equally great—pop the PCR polypropylene top on the can, screw the pump on, and you’re that much closer to washing your hands a little more sustainably.

Also, don’t listen to the dolts worried about kids mistaking this for soda. It’s a great idea, and it does away with the plastic refill pouch (a rotten idea that’s just as bad as selling body wash in non-bar form).


Best Sauce Boss

You know it’s AWSM sauce, the powdered ketchup and sauce brand designed by Brooklyn and Honolulu design studio HereFor. I will never not be here for powdered anything—it’s still the most meaningful way to cut down on both single-use plastic and emissions.

VxStkzvt (3).jpg

Best Wordmark and/or Deli Sign

Take a Gander at that sick Mercado wordmark inspired by old-school deli signage. I love the crown and the suite of illustrations, but the multiple display typefaces used throughout are all things bodega (or bodegacious, whihc is not a word, but let's make it one).

Best Buddha

It’s Butter, baby.

Also, I hope this finally lands me that “cold as ice” CENTER hoodie.


Best Incense To Cover Up the Smell of Butter

Looshi ain’t your typical corner store / headshop incense packaging. Also, shout out to Menta!


Best Gravy

Not gonna' lie—I thought Auge had Best in Show locked up once again for Casa Marrazzo, where they screen-printed white shapes depicting household items and furniture onto glass jars. It’s weird and beautiful, and I want those roasted red peppers now.


Best Camping Canteen Full of Bourbon

Give it up for Sandstrom Partners and Montana Whiskey Company for this lightweight aluminum bourbon bottle with a hammertone textured finish. Easily my favorite booze bottle of the year.


Best Packaging We’re Taking Over Tobias Harris

No disrespect to Mr. Tobias Harris and my Sixers, but the BIGFACE branding by Brandmonger and Zen Pack is the true MVP.


Best Illustration of a Mushroom Snowcrab

I don’t know if I can get behind plant-based seafood, but the Seed to Surf illustrations of veggies growing out of sea creatures by Public House Studio are adorable. Also, shout out to Public House for at least knowing who the Constantines are!