Featured image for PlasticFree May Wrap-Up: Stainless Steel Coffee Pods, Powdered Skincare, & Single-Serve Sachets Without the Plastic

PlasticFree May Wrap-Up: Stainless Steel Coffee Pods, Powdered Skincare, & Single-Serve Sachets Without the Plastic

by The Dieline on 06/02/2023 | 3 Minute Read

So, we've talked up our pals at PlasticFree oodles and oodles, and they're fast becoming an essential tool for packaging designers around the world. And while their materials library is a go-to asset for any creative working on sustainable packaging, they're also putting out plenty of laudable editorial content that dives into plastic-free alternatives.

Frankly, it's exactly the kind of resource the packaging community desperately needs.

That is to say that you should genuinely give them a follow and catch up on some of their latest stories. You'll find plenty of case studies, viable system change solutions, and real-life substrates put to the packaging test.

Here are three PlasticFree stories from this past May that caught our eye. You'll find a powdered skincare brand, refillable coffee capsules, and five plastic-free single-dose options that aren't the ubiquitous ketchup packet.


EXPONENT: Freshly-Made Skincare Served at Peak Potency

According to US beauty brand Exponent, the active ingredients in our skincare products lose 40% of their potency within eight weeks of being open, meaning those luxury cosmetics we’re spending small fortunes on devalue very swiftly. 

To counter this problem, Exponent has devised an entirely new skincare system, packaging active, powdered ingredients in standalone glass and aluminum containers that get mixed with a shot of hyaluronic acid on demand.

Read more to discover how this precision-dose daily skincare system reduces packaging and product waste. 


SEALPOD: Reusable and Refillable Stainless Steel Coffee Capsules 

Our desire for instant, barista-style coffee at home has left the planet drowning in single-use coffee capsules. Made from a combination of plastic and aluminum, the capsules—59 billion of which get produced annually—are impossible to recycle in curbside facilities.

Enter SealPod, the Taiwanese company offering coffee lovers a waste-free alternative in the form of its reusable, refillable stainless steel pods. 

Discover how this globally available brand is helping to save consumers time and money by encouraging long-term product use. 



Our constant drive for convenience has spurred the adoption of single-dose products across many industries. From single-serve ketchup sachets to pre-dosed droplets of skincare, we love it when someone else measures things for us.

In both the food and cosmetic spaces, mono-doses require small yet powerful pieces of packaging that can protect these tiny portions from contamination, locking in freshness until they're ready to be used. As with most packaging, the solution has predominantly been found in plastic, from multi-layered, acid-proof condiment wrappers to dissolvable PVOH coatings. 

Unsurprisingly, nature offers us alternative solutions, and disruptive brands are finding new ways to encapsulate formulas without fossil fuels. From the jelly-like bubble of algae to solidified vitamins and botanicals, head to PlasticFree to discover five single-dose solutions delivering on demand without the impact.