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Pop-Tarts Announces Throwback-Style Packaging For The Summer

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/01/2023 | 1 Minute Read

In 1964, CPG company Post announced a new toaster pastry made possible by its foil packaging innovation, initially used for dog food. Unfortunately, Post wasn't ready to go to market, and that gave its competitor, Kellogg’s, a head start, which it took advantage of, debuting Pop-Tarts months later.

Pop-Tarts were such a hit they initially sold out quickly, and Kellogg’s used the FOMO as an advertisement, issuing an “apology.”

Now, the brand is honoring its successful 1960s debut with throwback packaging inspired by the original box design for Pop-Tarts’ Frosted Strawberry pastries. 

Pop-Tarts Vintage Packs_1.png

The packaging deviates from the original in a few necessary ways, like nutritional callouts up front, microwave heating instructions on the back, and bilingual copy. Product photography is also of the modern version of Pop-Tarts instead of the unfrosted original, which featured an easy-to-split middle.

The limited-edition retro packaging will be available in stores nationwide starting June 5th, 2023.