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PepsiCo Refreshes Mirinda and The Year Of The Soda Redesign Keeps On Truckin’

by Chloe Gordon on 05/09/2023 | 3 Minute Read

If it wasn't already the year of the soda redesign, it sure is now. 

Pepsi is back again with a new, dynamic redesign for Mirinda, a soft drink created in Spain in 1959, now distributed globally. Along with the redesign, the beverage maker will launch a refreshed brand platform based on the slogan "There's no flavor like your flavor." 


The overall system embraces a renewed sense of creativity, showcased by the new visual identity called "Making an M-pact," something PepsiCo Design and Innovation developed to ignite a sense of imagination in its consumers. The new design, created in partnership with Bulletproof and BUCK, leans into the "M-pact" by placing an oversized "M" at the center of its can, which pops against each product's colorful background. 

"We are pleased to unveil Mirinda's new global brand platform that inspires vibrant creativity, encouraging Gen Z to harness their uniqueness as a superpower. Through #NoFlavourLikeYourFlavour we have developed a refreshing new visual identity and platform, which Mirinda fans can identify with - one that empowers this generation to resist conformity and instead, embrace self-expression," shares Eric Melis, vice president of global brand marketing at PepsiCo, in a press release about the redesign. "This marks the first step for the brand as we continue to evolve and grow in line with the youth of today. We look forward to rolling out the exciting plans we have in the pipeline."


Additionally, the Mirinda logo has been revived through a brighter green hue and features sharper corners with cleaner lines to strengthen recognition and legibility. Previously, the letterforms in the logo were slightly choppy, featuring sharp edges where there are now straight lines, specifically on the letter "N." Also, the letters now sit on the same baseline, whereas before, they were jittery and scattered with their baseline. The new, large "M" behind the letterforms recalls the brand's original logo, in which the Mirinda text was overlaid on a large, green "M." By bringing back the oversized "M" and using it as a canvas, the brand is making a nod to its roots while also giving them a new asset to play with across digital (because an "M" sure is a lot easier to play with than a whole "Mirinda").

Each of the 50-plus flavors—including Green Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Watermelon—features a vibrant color palette that reflects the fruit (and the flavor is also clearly labeled on the bottom). What's more, PepsiCo weaved in elements of kinetic energy throughout the identity. You'll find twirling spherical shapes, bubbles, and playful fruit illustrations, all swimming merrily in the same soda playground.


"The ‘M,' the beautiful ‘M,' with its angle, colors, background, and position, is dynamic, restless, about to move, on pack, out of that pack. And you will find it moving indeed when it’s brought to life in the digital world, with all its energy and vibrancy," wrote Mauro Porcini, SVP and chief design Officer at PepsiCo, on LinkedIn. "Because, once again, there is not design, in this digital age, that can’t consider from the beginning how to organically bridge the physical and virtual worlds we live in."

The new visual identity will start rolling out this May on packaging, merchandise, advertisements, retail displays, and corresponding social media.