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Land Refreshes Big Country Brewing and Goes Heavy on the Americana

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/24/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Austin-based Big Country Organic Brewing has unveiled a brand refresh courtesy of Land studio and a new line of beers inspired by regional styles.

Big Country plans three new beers for 2023, including a Tex-Mex lager, New England Hazy IPA, and a West Coast IPA. The brewer’s new branding identity is showcased on the trio of suds, strongly reminiscent of traditional imagery inspired by Texas, New England, and California.

“Our mission was to visually capture the spirit of the 'Big Country' name, to deliver the charisma and optimism that the name conjures, as well as position Big Country as pioneers in the organic movement," said Caleb Everitt, co-founder of Land.


The new design is type-heavy, using several typefaces similar to hand-painted signs throughout the US. On the Tex-Mex Lager label, simple graphics like a Saguaro cactus under the sun surrounded by a rattlesnake in an arch is graphic shorthand for the Texan country landscape. For the Hazy IPA, an arch surrounded by seaweed is a nod to New England’s coast. Finally, the West Coast graphic is a smiling sun in a style reminiscent of Mesoamerican glyphs.

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Color choices for the new line of lagers take cues from the existing beer landscape. Tex-Mex’s yellow recalls popular, light, and crisp Mexican lagers. The orange for Big Country’s New England brew is a nod to the fruitiness inherent in hazy IPAs, while the blue for the West Coast label can’t help but remind someone of the Pacific.


“The individual spirit of the beverage guided each label—but all of the Big Country typography centered around the vast landscape of Americana design,” Everitt explained. “Think American highway signs designed before the 1950s, hand-painted signage that would pepper the highways and back alleys of the American West; the lexicon and vernacular of the American Dream.”

Tex-Mex is the first lager in Big Country’s beer line to launch, available now. Like the brand’s hard seltzers, Tex-Mex Lager is Fair Trade certified, Non-GMO, and USDA-certified organic.