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JKR Refreshes Kraft Singles, Brand Introduces Easier-To-Open Packaging

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/23/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Let’s get one thing straight: processed American cheese is cheese

It’s not plastic. American cheese starts with non-processed cheese; enzymes and other ingredients such as additional whey and salts get added, but the objective is to achieve that balance of meltiness and smooth texture.

Kraft Singles are one of the most popular American cheese options today. The presliced squares are just the right shape to go over a burger or in between bread for a solid grilled cheese sandwich. Working with the design and branding agency JKR, Kraft has refreshed the Kraft Singles brand with a new look and improved single-slice packaging.


The new pack designs start with a solid Kraft blue background and a refined wordmark, including a playful drip from the “g’s” tail. A gooey sliced sandwich features in the center of the front against a cheesy yellow reminiscent of a Kraft slice. Typography is updated, and the overall packaging refresh is a cleaner presentation with large blocks of color, making the cheese the superstar on the front with product photography.


Additionally, the cheese sleeves received an overhaul to make opening them without tearing them easier. The new sleeves are thicker and have a slightly textured surface for added sturdiness.

“Kraft Singles has been a beloved staple in kitchens for years. Guiding it to discover its authentic identity while preserving its classic charm led to our very own slice of delight,” said JB Hartford, group creative director at JKR, in a press release.


Kraft Singles is the latest brand in the Kraft Heinz stable to receive a refresh recently. The JKR work on Singles follows updates to Kraft Mac and CheeseShake ‘N Bake, and, more recently, the Weinermobile’s name change to the Frankmobile.