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Renais Is The Latest Celebrity Gin, Led By Actor Emma Watson and Brother Alex

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/22/2023 | 2 Minute Read

British actor Emma Watson is best known for her roles in major film franchises like Harry Potter and independent fare like The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Ms. Watson, however, also has roots in the winemaking business, as her father, Chris, has had a vineyard in France for decades and is an award-winning producer of Chablis. Now Emma and her brother Alex are tapping into that heritage using upcycled grapes to create a new brand of luxury gin called Renais.


Renais immediately makes its premium nature evident with its packaging. The bottle design, which a Renais spokesperson described as being very much inspired by “French luxury, art deco, and naturalism,” and a nod to perfume bottles, is uniquely elegant. Deep ripples emanate from the base of the bottle along the sides, and the ornate label and cap convey a premium feel. Typography reinforces the luxe branding and sense of craftsmanship Renais wants to express.

But the Watson siblings’ gin venture isn’t just about making fancy booze in lovely bottles. In addition to upcycling grapes, Renais uses recyclable and compostable packaging, including mushroom-based substrates, to protect the premium product. Renais also claims it's the first spirits brand to use mushroom-based materials for outer packaging. 


A celebrity-helmed gin is nothing new, but Renais stands out with a family history, exquisite packaging, and some sustainably-minded presentation.

Your move, Deadpool boy.

Images courtesy of Renais.