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Pirkkalan's Packaging Is Filled With Delight

by Chloe Gordon on 04/06/2023 | 2 Minute Read


The Pirkkalan-range stands for cooperation with local producers and a hand-picked range of high-quality products. Owner of K-Citymarket Pirkkala, Petri Putila constructed the product line to distinguish it from the hypermarket’s other products and to always bring new delightful things for customers to try and taste. Preparing the products and having a coffee roastery and an ice cream factory on the premises, was a must. We created a private label brand and packaging to stand out from the wide range of other brands on offer. To inject some artisan food culture into the aisles of a hypermarket.


The look and feel of the product family are built on a minimal color palette, whereas the unadorned, straightforward naming of the brand emphasizes the locality. The identity is refined, and down-to-earth and stands out from hyper-colored hypermarket brands with its monochromaticity. The main messages, tonality, and illustrative elements bring out the atmosphere of a local store, its warmth, and its merchant-driven culture. Nostalgia and craftsmanship inspired by old newspapers contrast with prominent typography, graphic shapes, and flavor and character-driven colors.

In the future, the scalable and recognizable look will adapt to other own shop-in-shop and private-label products, such as fresh pressed juices, bakery goods, or pâtisserie delicacies.