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PaperFoam x Rules Beauty's Sustainable Packaging

by Chloe Gordon on 03/28/2023 | 1 Minute Read

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By creating PaperFoam we've created a sustainable, plastic-free packaging solution. Technique

PaperFoam is a combination of starch, fiber and our unique premix. By injecting this mixture of ingredient into a pre-heated mold PaperFoam packaging is formed. The nature of these three ingredients makes PaperFoam a paper recyclable and home + industrial compostable substitute for plastics that is even strong enough to replace EPS in some cases.

Sustainable biobased packaging for Rules Beauty

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PaperFoam is all about custom-made packaging solutions. We're different from our competitors due to our innovative- and award-winning designs. One of our latest achievements concludes a brand-new design for our valued client Rules Beauty. By choosing PaperFoam packaging they've chosen to present their product in a unique and sustainable way. The pack has a great unboxing experience, nice presentation and the entire packaging is paper recycable, so no need to separate waste.

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