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Are Ribbed Glass Bottles The New Thing? Campari Says 'Yes'

by Chloe Gordon on 05/10/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Aperol recently took the American market by storm after its prosperous history as an ever-popular ingredient in Italy's leading cocktail, the Aperol spritz. In December 2003, Aperol was acquired by the Campari Group, which initiated an influential advertising campaign behind the cocktail. Now, Campari has redesigned its bottle, most likely hoping to grow its consumer base. 

Inspired by the visuals of Milano, Campari's updated bottle by Italian branding agency Robilant features embossed ribbed detailing. The redesign marked the brand's first in ten years and was designed to infuse a sense of effortlessness into the brand. 

"We wanted to celebrate the relationship between Campari and its city. Our city," says Fabio Molinaro, Partner and Creative Director of Robilant. "The key to this restyling was the interpretation of the quintessential Milanese spirit, that Campari encapsulates brilliantly: discreet yet proud, elegant and sophisticated yet contemporary; each line expresses that considered dynamism, that impetus that is present in both: open to the future, to the global world, yet so authentically rooted. Campari, Milano."


"Since its creation, the Campari bottle has been changing shape and evolving alongside the city of Milano, drawing continuous inspiration from it," the brand presented in its announcement caption on Instagram. The elegant new bottle showcases the glass's vertical embossing, a blue label printed with bold font, and a call out to Milano front and center. "Today, we introduce the redesigned Campari bottle—a visual ode to the city of Milano and a celebration of Milanese Aperitivo culture." 

The Campari Group has publically stated its goal of achieving zero net emissions by 2050. The new bottle's design looks to further that mission by addressing three primary benchmarks: weight optimization, maximization of recycled content, and full recyclability of the materials.


With Campari's update and Ghia's recent bottle redesign, is this the year of bottles with embossed ridges? Looks like the office Magic 8 Ball says signs point to yes.

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