Featured image for YUZUCO's Packaging Turns Up The Quaint Charm Factor

YUZUCO's Packaging Turns Up The Quaint Charm Factor

by Chloe Gordon on 04/06/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Yuzu is a traditional Japanese citrus fruit known as a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. The distinctive flavor is a mix of lemon, mandarin orange, lime, and grapefruit, creating a fragrant citrus blend. The fruit is traditionally used to season vegetables, hot pots, custards, and fish.

Now, YUZUCO aims to make the ingredient more obtainable to a bigger audience. 


YUZUCO is a first-of-its-kind California-based supplier of yuzu juice and producer of proprietary yuzu products. The company seeks to make the elusive Japanese citrus everyone's favorite fruit by sourcing it from multi-generational farmers in historical yuzu-growing regions of the Kyushu and Shikoku islands. The brand plans to launch in late April and will offer two products out of the gate—100% Yuzu Juice and Yuzu Super Juice. 


The brand's packaging features design by Marcus Klein, one of the co-founders, and features a minimalistic visual identity with quaint illustrations of the fruit. The charming renderings of yuzu get paired with a simple, sans-serif typeface on the front of the label. Additionally, the Super Juice product features splashes of yellow, while the 100% Yuzu Juice is black and white. 

Keeping the packaging design simple creates an approachable system, one that can get adopted by American markets not as familiar with the citrus-flavored product. Plus, the back of the label shares inspiration on how to use the product, a perfect, helpful tip for consumers looking to expand their citrus horizons.