Featured image for The Lemur Inspires Praline-Toi's Playful Packaging Design

The Lemur Inspires Praline-Toi's Playful Packaging Design

by Chloe Gordon on 04/06/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Designed by BangBang, Praline-Toi's packaging system takes inspiration from the founder's Madagascar origins. With that came the inspiration from a lemur, a playful, curious, nut-loving animal, ideal for a brand that encapsulates it all. The vibrant energy of the yellow label paired with the poppy red creates an immediate introduction to the brand's personality, while the lemur's tail drives the playfulness home.


Praline-Toi is a brand of fine products developed from carefully selected ingredients created in 2022 by its founder from Madagascar. Selecting grand cru chocolate from this country was the obvious choice for the development of this very first crunchy hazelnut spread.


The goal was to create a branding and a packaging based on the founder's origins. This is when the idea sparked: how about channeling a funny, curious, and nut loving animal as the face of the brand identity? The lemur's large and fascinating eyes immediately charmed us. Its large striped tail generated so many ideas for us to create a playful storyline. It is based on this direction that we designed to have one eye on each lid which when side by side becomes awfully intimidating and provides a “flashy” lemur's stare. As for the black and white tail, we saw the opportunity to use it as a means to discover the product. It goes all away around the jar in addition to being used as a way of sealing the lid. One of the great particularities of this emblematic animal is that it can bend and squirm as it sees fit, just as the brand image and its signature that are inspired by it. 


Whether we spread it with a knife or eat it directly with a spoon, this 220g spread is intended to be the first product of an excellent delicious series.