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Half Magic Beauty Brand Launch

by Chloe Gordon on 04/06/2023 | 2 Minute Read


The artistry and fantasy that Donni Davy created with Euphoria’s makeup were our inspiration for the branding and packaging. We wanted to create this tension in the name and in the graphics – between total fantasy and creation, and real life – creating bold maximalist elements in the brand with Sara Rabin’s illustrations and having a beautiful, more restrained wordmark.

We distilled Donni's signature use of rhinestones and iridescence into an iconic diamond mark that is used across the identity in the logomark, wordmark, and as a cut out brand pattern on the primary packaging that would show the vibrant color of the makeup. Similarly, in order to amplify the brilliance and shimmer of the makeup, the color palette was kept minimal and largely neutral.


In terms of sustainability, the primary and secondary packaging are recyclable and all products are encouraged to be recycled through HALF MAGIC’s mail-back program & it was the first beauty brand to introduce PaperFoam® (a lightweight, sturdy, and biodegradable material created with industrial potato starch and molded cellulose) as primary packaging featured in our Eyeshadow Singles collection.

  • Designed By: Mythology
  • Executive Creative Director: Anthony Sperduti
  • Creative Director & Head of Design: Sophie Mascatello
  • Creative Director: Audrey Attal
  • Illustrator: Sara Rabin
  • Graphic Design: Oliver Shaw
  • Type Designer: Margot Lévêque
  • Creative Director: Donni Davy


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