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BY FAR : The Dream Fragrance Collection

by Chloe Gordon on 03/28/2023 | 3 Minute Read


By Far is a fast emerging, cult accessories brand. Shoes and bags are their core products, with an aesthetic revolving around 1990's nostalgia.

The Daydream Collection is the brand's inaugural fragrance launch.

It was developed over the lockdown years in collaboration with brand teams located across the world (Bulgaria, United Kingdom, France, Australia).


The brand's objective was to create a playful product, with consumer interaction at its heart - beyond merely spraying perfume from a bottle.



I followed two principles to guide the creative process:

1. Design the bottle, like I would design a toy:

My experience with toy design was one of the reasons the brand chose me for this project. Playfulness is at the heart of the brief.

The bottle as a means of expression of your individuality.

2. Make it an accessory:

The brand is famous for shoes and bags.

I wanted the bottle to contribute to the success of the brand’s core product: provide a platform for the bags, not just create an additional category.

Create longevity by encouraging customisation, newness and seasonality.



In a nutshell, it’s not a perfume bottle: it’s a refillable, fully customisable bag charm. The design solution hinges around two core principles:

  1. It's actually a fashion accessory:
  2. A. Making the bottle as a bag charm:
  3. Makes it relevant: a reason for the brand to enter the market.
  4. Offers a platform for the core category: discover the fragrance = discover the bags.
  5. Allows the consumer to fully express their individuality (not just in scent, but in a visual way): a key requirement for the brand’s generation of fans.
  6. Provides opportunities for newness: new styles / colours can be released each season, keeping the category fresh without the need forconstant new fragrance development.
  7. B. Making the bottle refillable:
  8. Allows for a smaller capacity : buy 100ml, but only carry 20ml with you.
  9. Is a more sustainable option : buy the refill only vs a new charm each time. Adds to the interactive requirement of the creative brief.
  10. Components come apart, making end-of-life recycling easier.
  11. The bottle is a modular design and can be fully customised: A. Pick your scent.
  12. The brand developed x7 scents with leading perfumers in Grasse, France. B. Pick your charm colour.
  13. The launch collection has x6 colours.
  14. Part of the strategy is the ability to offer exclusive colours for certain markets or retailers (eg. Selfridges, Lunar New Year, etc...).
  15. The colours tie-in with the brand’s accessories collection.
  16. C. Pick your strap design.
  17. The brand developed x2 strap styles (leather loop or carabiner).
  18. Each style comes in x2 finishes (gold and silver).
  19. That's a total of x4 strap options (and easy for By Far to keep adding more).

Overall this launch collection offers a choice of 168 different combinations. The launch campaign featured Kendall Jenner.