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Sustainability Starts Young

by Chloe Gordon on 04/29/2023 | 2 Minute Read

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Up to 27,000 trees per day are chopped down to make toilet paper.

To make Reel’s planet-friendly paper, kid-friendly too, they enlisted the help of global branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR). 

Reel, the tree-free paper company, makes its products from bamboo, the fastest growing plant on Earth. From toilet rolls to kitchen towels, everything is soft, strong, and rapidly renewable.

As Banji goes in search of something to wipe with, parents learn the impact of their sustainable choices and kids find out why bamboo is best.

First, JKR created Banji, the bamboo lemur - and developed a handful of more loveable characters. Then they wrote about them all in the Reel’s storybook, “Banji’s Big Idea”, transporting kids to the forests where they live.

The fun doesn’t stop at the final page either. Banji and his friends pop up across Reel’s packaging, with a safari themed box and toilet roll wrappers designed to be coloured in. The end result is a kit that educates and entertains: giving grown-ups the tools to start conversations and pass sustainable habits on; and children the chance to learn about sustainability in a way that speaks their own language.

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