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Eeasy Lids Are Designed To Make Opening Jars Easier For Everyone

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/26/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Unless you're the kind of person that treats a handshake like it's Mortal Combat, you’ve probably found yourself struggling to open a jar of pickles or some other metal-capped container.

Canning items like sauces, jams, and pickled vegetables is an easy way to pack these foods safely for months. The science behind why canning is so effective is two-fold. First, the high heat kills off bacteria and organisms, and as sealed foods cool down, a vacuum forms, creating an air and moisture barrier that prevents spoilage.

As effective as canning is at keeping germs like lethal botulism away from our favorite bolognese sauce, the vacuum seal makes them hard to open. Folks with decreased grip strength due to health, age, or disability are often at the mercy of using special devices to loosen lids or TikTok “hack” videos.


No one should feel embarrassed over being unable to open a jar of sauerkraut. According to Mel magazine, the force required to open a jar of Vlasik pickles is slightly more than it takes to bust two wooden boards.

Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT) has developed a new lid that it claims reduces the torque required by at least 50 percent called Eeasy Lid. CCT’s Eeasy Lids are made out of aluminum and are recyclable. To open, consumers push down on a center button to release the vacuum seal, then turn the lid to open.

The Eeasy Lids are otherwise like conventional steel lids and remain leakproof when reapplied to jars and are available in lug and continuous thread.

Eeasy Lids were inspired by a friend of one of CCT’s cofounders, who was weakened by cancer. They asked why you couldn't make a lid easier to open. From there, CCT spent eight years developing the Eeasy Lid and bringing it to market.


According to a study commissioned by CCT and conducted by North Cliff Consultants, 87% of participants said that given a choice between two products, they’d choose the one topped with an Eeasy Lid.

Pennsylvania supermarket chain Boyer’s and pasta sauce brand Guglielmo’s have adopted CCT’s Eeasy Lids. Paul Guglielmo, CEO of Guglielmo’s and co-packer Craft Cannery, says, “At Guglielmo’s, our focus goes beyond just the quality of our sauce—customer service is a top priority, and that includes accessible packaging for our customers,” in a press release. “With the Eeasy Lid, our sauce becomes inclusive to all customers. There’s nothing else like it on the market.”

Enjoying food from a jar shouldn’t require the hand strength of a wood-breaking martial artist. There are so many tricks and gadgets meant to make opening vacuum-sealed jars easier that it’s clearly an issue for many people. Eeasy Lids address the difficulty in opening jars by redesigning the jar lid, making packaging more inclusive for those without massive paws.

Images courtesy of Eeasy Lids.