Featured image for Dom Ruinart's Updated, More Sustainable, Packaging System

Dom Ruinart's Updated, More Sustainable, Packaging System

by Chloe Gordon on 04/25/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Maison Sagan designed the impeccable bottle Dom Ruinart that maintains the brand's known sense of luxury. In addition, the updated design keeps sustainability in mind by using fewer materials, less ink, and less paper. Plus, the addition of the chalk-inspired wrapping adds a stunning layer of texture and charm.


Less matter, more precision. In order to maintain Dom Ruinart’s luxurious look and feel, it was agreed that everything had to change. Every aspect of Dom Ruinart 2010 bottle was designed to honor Maison Ruinart’s sustainability engagements: Less different materials, less ink, less paper.

First the label was slightly reduced in size, the new print requires less ink and no varnish. The embossed part was a first nod towards the Craye?res, the maison’s classified chalk cellars. Hence, going to the packaging, we capitalised on Maison Ruinart existing 2nd skin fiber sleeve.

DR9 bottle.jpg

Still using the chalk cellars as a reference, we thought it would be a nice touch to bring a piece of chalk home, thus emphasizing the link between the maison and its terroir. Therefore the bottle of Dom Ruinart gets wrapped in a chalk fragment, made from the same cellulose fibers as regular 2nd skin sleeve. The design process was long in order to merge the fiber technology to the final goal of producing an actual fragment of chalk. Few markings, a gold foil and a strictly black back label allow the Chalk Wrap to be fully recyclable, demonstrating brilliantly how the right tool can lead to powerful luxurious narratives without using a wide array of means.

Completing the pack is a tag that reinforces the luxurious look and feel. No glue, simple pressure from the pack is enough to hold it in place. This technique allows for easy evolution without having to replace current packaging stocks.

DR9 pack.jpg

The use of a limited number of techniques for markings ensures recyclability.

The partnership with James Cropper, with the experience they had on previous

2nd skin sleeve, allowed for an optimisation of the general shape, making

it possible for a single layer of cellulose to be used to protect the bottle. Thus limiting the overall amount of fibers used. Textures were carefully designed for a sophisticated narrative. Maison Sagan is a creative agency, based in Paris and Miami. It was founded in 2013 by Franc?ois Salanon and Jean-Daniel Galisson. Now composed of 6 art directors, the agency designs identities for a various number of actors ranging from luxury brands to non-profits.