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Barbie Celebrates The Style Of Artist Mark Ryden

by Chloe Gordon on 04/11/2023 | 1 Minute Read


Barbie® celebrates the singular style of artist Mark RydenTM, influential leader of the contemporary art movement known as Pop Surrealism. Using the storytelling of Ryden’s art and the exquisite doll design, the packaging features bold colors, embossed logos, and metallic foils. An elevated platform heightens each doll in their own dreamy, painted world as laser precise blister packaging accentuates their shape. The intricate details and storytelling make the entire Barbie® x Mark RydenTM doll set worthy of any collector’s display.

HJN31_PIP_2022_361 1.jpg
  • Director Package Design: Suzanna Lakatos
  • Key Lead Packaging Designer: Vicky Gevorkyan
  • Lead Packaging Designer: Charis Ceniseroz
  • Senior Packaging Designer: Laydiana Chiv
  • Staff Packaging Designer: Sal Velazquez
  • Sr Packaging Engineer: Kambiz Betaharon
  • Sr Packaging Engineer: Olga Tesler
  • Lead Copywriter: Tamika Cosen


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