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Son of a Tailor Rethinks What Fashion Can Look Like

by Chloe Gordon on 04/10/2023 | 2 Minute Read


Ragged Edge worked with Son Of A Tailor – a Danish clothing company that makes custom fit clothes for men – to get under the skin of their brand. To rethink what a fashion brand can look and sound like.

The perfect fit without fitting in. This is a brand that stands for the ingenuity of an engineer, with the imagination of a designer. This brand, its voice, and its writing across packaging are created to show a true original that’s a perfect fit without following what fits in the fashion industry. The packaging takes the engineer's approach. Designed to fit through the letterbox with no outer packaging obscuring the details. Never using boxes that waste space and material so the brand can shine.


The bright orange paired with the punchy tone of voice on packaging made it instantly recognisable. The Swing tags have a real personal message making it known the garment has been made specifically for you.

Son Of A Tailor’s new packaging has been built with the precision and clarity of an engineer – exacting but ever optimistic. Their supply chain solution responds exactly to demand. And so does their packaging: adapting to be fit for purpose.