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You Won't Need To Smash A Block Of Bricks To Get To TRUFF's Super Mario Bros. Movie Collection

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/30/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Ahead of the highly anticipated animated The Super Mario Bros. Movie release, condiment brand TRUFF has announced a partnership with Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal Pictures for a special release of a collection set inspired by the classic video game series.

TRUFF’s range of sauces and condiments comes infused with white and black truffles, the culinary king of mushrooms. Given the Mario-verse’s prevalence of mushrooms, some of which give Mario and his friends power-ups like extra lives and literal fireballs, the partnership is a no-brainer.

The unique collection includes three beloved hot sauces from TRUFF. The hotter black-truffle-infused sauce features plumber-turned-hero Mario on the red bottle, while Toad is the star of the black-truffle-infused hot sauce in blue. Finally, Princess Peach graces the label of the white-truffle-infused hot sauce on an orange label. 


All three bottles come topped with TRUFF’s signature faceted caps in the same color as the label, all of which come housed in a premium black box with a scenic landscape of the Mushroom Kingdom on the front panel. A black sleeve with the Universal, Illumination, and Nintendo logos in gold goes over the top of the box, which also includes a graphic reminiscent of the classic Nintendo seal of quality, indicating the TRUFF collection is an officially licensed product.

SMB-Mario-Hotter Hot Sauce-Bottle-1x1.jpg
SMB-Peach-White Hot Sauce Bottle-1x1.jpg

“At TRUFF, we’re known for our dedication to adventurous flavors. And that all starts with our signature ingredient, the black winter truffle,” Nick Guillen, co-founder and co-CEO of TRUFF, said in a press release. “So when we first glimpsed the spectacular Mushroom Kingdom and the adorable and cheerful character Toad featured in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, we were instantly inspired. We had clearly found another brand who celebrates mushrooms as much as we do.”

SMB-Toad-Original Hot Sauce-Bottle-1x1.jpg

If you want to power up your meals with TRUFF’s Super Mario Bros. Movie collection, the collection will be available at TRUFF.com/MARIOMOVIE starting April 5th, 2023, at 10 AM PDT, while supplies last.