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Visitor Beer's Accidental Branding

by Chloe Gordon on 03/30/2023 | 2 Minute Read


We started Visitor to create a bit of balance for anyone who's seeking it. So that you can enjoy the ritual without feeling full or tired. So that you can keep the hang going without sacrifice. So you can share in the moment regardless of what you are—or aren't—drinking.


We focused on a minimialist design to stand out in a sea-of-sameness and allow for can design collaborations and we leaned into eco-friendly packaging in an industry dominated by Paktech and other non-sustainable options.

As for the name and logo design, we were looking to create something for young, social, tasteful, culturally-aware consumers and we stumbled upon the solution during the R&D phase. We needed a way to tell our batches apart for blind taste testing and sampling so one day we picked up a roll of "visitor" stickers from a museum and slapped them on the cans. The response to this accidental branding was overwhelming so we fully embraced the direction.

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