Featured image for Dieline's Mascot Madness Championship Round: Kool-Aid Man vs. Tony the Tiger

Dieline's Mascot Madness Championship Round: Kool-Aid Man vs. Tony the Tiger

by Bill McCool on 03/30/2023 | 2 Minute Read

If you had told me earlier this week that Colonel Sanders would get taken down by a cereal relic of yesteryear, I'd have said that's as silly as killing off Mr. Peanut. For starters, the Colonel's cultural cache has only grown stronger in the past decade, whereas Tony the Tiger's "They're Grrrreat" was becoming a meh-loaded endorsement as soggy as the so-called frosted flakes he shills.

But, hey, if Mascot Madness has taught me anything, it's the fact that no one knows anything. And that maybe you can't trust the denizens of LinkedIn. 

But I digress. We've made it to the championship round with two storied brand mascots—the Kool-Aid Man and Tony the Tiger. In what has felt like a road trip to destiny for the Red Mountain, the UCLA and UCONN of cartoony spokespeople, he will square off against a verified legend, one that's starting to look a little long in the tiger tooth and whose best days may be behind him, but still has a little punch in his claws leftover.


So, what can we expect in this hell-in-a-cell fight to the death? Well, we've got a Hanna Barbera-style tiger with a baller ascot going head-to-head with a punchbowl that doesn't give a solid fuck about brick walls. Will the Kool-Aid Man finally meet a GoT-style wall he can't break through? Or will a certain sugar daddy get Tony the Tiger by the tail? 

Who knows! I certainly don't. The only thing I know is that voting will start tomorrow, March 31st, on LinkedIn. And, just to keep it interesting, we're also opening up the voting to the doom-scroller set on Twitter.

This is a battle for the ages you don't want to miss. Get those voting thumbs ready.