Featured image for NAM Coffee's Asymmetrical Yet Balanced Coffee Bags Blends Two Cultures Through Design

NAM Coffee's Asymmetrical Yet Balanced Coffee Bags Blends Two Cultures Through Design

by Chloe Gordon on 03/03/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Chochoi Creative designed the packaging for NAM, a coffee brand inspired by a journey from Vietnam to California. The packaging implements design elements from both cultures, converging to create a bespoke, innovative system. The structural typography paired with custom, asymmetrical labels visually consumes the viewer, while the white space and white bag add a sense of balance to the overall design.

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To whoever was born and raised in the bustling yet beloved city named Saigon, this city is such a box full of amaze where the culture and motivation meets ,however, wrapped up inside was the beautiful fusion of lifestyle, landscape and nature. Beyond the some iconic images of Caphe Sua Da, Non La or Xe Om, etc. any “self-proclaimed” local people won’t mind proudly telling you about those the culturally-mixed infrastructure of Saigon, or those heavy rain seasons inevitably making you fall or our daily bustling lifestyle in which we are the very most down-to-earth examples of Saigonese spirit. NAM COFFEE, together with its very best essence of coffee, is really mean to write the new chapter of Saigon with more contemporary yet culture-appreciating way towards the rest of the world.

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On the journey of bringing Vietnam’s precious coffee beans towards the wide world, beside Saigon story with more contemporary voice, we are always reminded to embrace & bring along the authentic coffee-related tiny things. Intertwined with some brilliant and cordial images, we strategically apply the “used coffee bags” texture into the illustration hidden on the both side of coffee bags. Embedded ourselves with “GROUNDED IN VIETNAM - ROASTED IN CALIFORNIA” slogan, is there a “fabric texture” in order to recall our coffee epicures the blending of 2 opposite yet similar cultures wrapped up in the same ready-for-takeaway coffee bag metaphorically.

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