Featured image for HAJOK's Packaging For #StillThirsty Features A Stunning Juxtaposition

HAJOK's Packaging For #StillThirsty Features A Stunning Juxtaposition

by Chloe Gordon on 03/29/2023 | 2 Minute Read

The #stillthirsty gin was designed by HAJOK with incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail. The design is inspired by the managing directors’ origin of South African rooibos, and pine needles from Baden-Württemberg were two of the ten botanical ingredients. The bright neon neck labels and handwritten-inspired printing overlaid on high-end, embossed labels create a wildly intriguing juxtaposition.


HAJOK Design has been designing inspirational packaging for a quarter of a century. The Hamburg Winterhude-based agency creates brands for start-ups, national companies and international corporations. It has proven expertise in launching and relaunching portfolios with up to 2,000 products. The agency took the anniversary as an opportunity to create a very special gin.

From the idea to the naming, the design, the final artwork, the printing and the labelling, everything for this project was entirely in the hands of the HAJOK team. The #stillthirsty gin was created with a great deal of passion and craftsmanship in Hamburg’s oldest distillery. Based on the managing directors’ origin Madeleine Lindner und Klaus P. Hajok, South African rooibos and pine needles from Baden-Wu?rttemberg were two of the 10 botanical ingredients.


The #stillthirsty name perfectly describes that HAJOK Design still wants more – even after 25 years in the industry! The branding experts love to think outside the box and are bubbling with creative ideas. It’s the perfect mix: the heritage combined with always looking into the future with great curiosity. The artisan printing methods and self-confident typography convey this on-pack.

The diversity of the agency’s personalities and the wide-ranging work is expressed with the bright neon-coloured neck labels. The embossed main label and the cyan signature of founder Klaus P. Hajok are unconventional, authentic and laid-back, embodying one of HAJOK Design’s favourite mottos: design is like rock ‘n’ roll on a white sheet of paper!