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Auge Design Works With Casa Marrazzo To Showcase The Brand's Artisanal Quality Through Its Packaging

by Chloe Gordon on 03/29/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Auge Design worked with the Italian sauce manufacturer Casa Marrazzo to create a packaging system representing the brand's high-quality products. While the glass jars showcase the sauce within, the screen-printed geometric shapes beautifully enhance the design. The packaging has an artistic beauty, elevating the sauce experience to entirely new heights. If you're cooking with this pasta sauce, you're a lover of artisanal quality and authentic Italian taste.


Casa Marrazzo, a Campania-based Italian sauces manufacturer, approached us with a brief to create a unique and authentic range of high-quality products in a new custom jar. Inspired by the company's rich heritage, we created the "Collezione Casa Marrazzo 1934," a premium range that evokes an art collection of valuable pieces. To capture the nostalgic essence of the brand, we illustrated dozens of home objects and furniture pieces using a sophisticated yet warm, naive style.


The oversized objects are screen-printed with an opaque finish on clear glass, using the color of the ingredients as a background. We designed custom caps and an elegant palette to identify each product, while simple and colorful gold-printed labels were used to make the jars stand out on the shelf as a real design object. We further enhanced the design by adding a screen-printed illustration on the jar. This unique touch adds an extra layer of authenticity and emotional connection to the product, while the high-quality screen printing elevates the design to a truly premium level. Overall, our packaging embodies the brand's rich heritage, artisanal quality, and nostalgic appeal, making it a standout choice for customers looking for a truly authentic Italian sauces.

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