Featured image for Opulus Beauty Lab’s Packaging Excludes All Forms Of Plastic For Freshly Activated Beauty

Opulus Beauty Lab’s Packaging Excludes All Forms Of Plastic For Freshly Activated Beauty

by Chloe Gordon on 03/28/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Skincare, like the way folks take their coffee, is very personal. And while we wake up every morning and brew a cup of coffee to our preferred taste and liking, skincare, as we know it, is less adjustable.  

But there's a new player on the market called Opulus, and the futuristic essence of the brand doesn't stop there. The Opulus System (composed of the Opulus Activator and the Opoule Treatments) a refined, handheld activator to convert the mini Opoule pods into a single-use dose of luxury skin cream. Essentially, the invention allows consumers to create an innovative, personalized skincare line.


Founder Dr. Robb Akridge, also known for founding Clarisonic, is familiar with pushing the standards and limits within the beauty industry. While his Clarisonic tool reimagined the application process, The Opulus System takes a different route by reimagining the products, allowing consumers to blend and activate each dose at the exact moment of application.

Because most skincare gets sold in bottles, the potential of ingredients' exposure to oxidation and bacteria is high, which can cause them to lose potency after time. Opulus seeks to change all of that with its single-serve delivery system.


Inspired by the aesthetic of chocolate truffles, the packaging and product feels sleek and refined, mimicking the sweet treat's effortless indulgence. The self-contained Opoule pods, each consisting of a hard protective coating and a silky interior core, are created of the encapsulated active ingredients, are packaged in what look like truffle boxes, and individually kept in a recyclable paper protective sleeve. 

Not only does the box of pods look luxurious, but the packaging excludes all forms of plastic. Instead, the packaging is made entirely of paper, resulting in a sleek, sustainable system. Additionally, the elegant black box and magnetic flap create a high-end attitude, even further differentiating the brand from the masses. 

Dr. Akridge is known for his innovative thinking, but this entirely out-of-the-box idea pushes the limits of what's possible, shaking the skincare industry's core. And, hey, if you can use a little less plastic while s pampering your skin, that's a win-win.