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Ito En And Nongshim Announce Drinkable Ramen In A Can

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/27/2023 | 1 Minute Read

A meaty, spicy, and fragrant bowl full of ramen is incredibly satisfying. The broth is, of course, an essential component of ramen, packing in plenty of the dish’s flavor.

But our hectic, on-the-go, time-starved modern lifestyle isn’t always going to accommodate sitting down to a heaping bowl of ramen loaded with all the fixins. However, the latest beverage collaboration out of Japan from beverage brand Ito En and popular Korean ramen brand Nongshim makes having a refreshing drink of cold noodles, Korean-style ramen broth called “Numuru Furu Reimen.”

Numuru Furu Reimen can be enjoyed with a meal, as a meal replacement, or added to dishes as a flavor enhancer.

The slim, 190g cans feature a label similar to Nongshim’s bibim spicy ramen wrappers. There is a tempting bowl of ramen, and a flame-shaped callout says “refreshing and spicy.” You'll also find Ito En and Nogshim’s brands represented along the top of the can.

According to a press release, Numuru Furu Reimen is the first foray into the “spicy beverage” category for Ito En and Nogshim. Both plan to continue exploring this RTD space.

Numuru Furu Reimen will be available throughout Japan for a recommended price of ¥139, or about US$1.05.