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Future-Proofing A Living Yet Little-Known Legend

by Chloe Gordon on 03/23/2023 | 2 Minute Read


Roland Foods celebrated their 88th birthday with a new look and feel.

Despite their fair age, though, many wouldn’t even know if they had Roland products in their pantry. And very few indeed would know what the purveyor of quality world foods and ingredients believes in.

So, the old school foodie came to us to help communicate their story beyond their retail and restaurant clientele and directly to consumers. The packaging needed to reflect the premium nature of the produce inside.


Fit to sit in kitchens both home and haute cuisine. On any table.

For Roland, community is built around the table, and they always have an available chair to offer. Here is where people’s minds and palates are expanded and enriched by food and connection.

Our challenge was to set strong strategic and creative foundations to communicate this philosophy.

We needed to leverage the overlap between Roland’s unique market position and what people want as they find, buy and try fine foods together today.

Ultimately, we had to translate this exploratory eating experience into the portfolio architecture through a clear and single- minded visual system. One that celebrates diverse origins, flavors, cuisines and ingredients.


Crisp and clean, bold but understated, we chose a design almost reminiscent of a ticket or passport, simultaneously hinting at the consumer being transported and the brand’s global reach.

A central rectangle, standing proudly on the packaging, also evokes the faithful table. It acts as a unifying constant to aid brand awareness, set against a backdrop of bright and distinctive patterns, textures and illustrations that vary in color, scale and style.

The whole Roland team were overjoyed with the output. Kristina Fox, Product Marketing and Label Design Specialist, described our work as a “structured but inspiring visual cornucopia of the world we inhabit and constantly innovate in”.