Featured image for Who Gives A Crap Earth: A Limited Edition

Who Gives A Crap Earth: A Limited Edition

by Chloe Gordon on 03/22/2023 | 2 Minute Read


As an eco-friendly toilet paper company, we’re pretty vocal about the earth. So making a limited edition all about our favourite planet wouldn’t just make sense, it would need to make a statement.

With tech titans hailing the metaverse and billionaires racing for Mars, we wanted to remind everyone just how amazing Earth is with a limited edition that celebrated all the incredible things our planet has to offer – the delightful and bizarre, the unappreciated and the unexpected.

That’s how we landed on Earth: A Limited Edition 4.543 billion years in the making.


It featured 24 unique wrapper designs, each with a full bleed photograph that highlighted one super captivating corner of our home planet. From natural landscapes to closeups of exotic creatures, every roll offered fun facts as well as helpful care instructions to keep them protected.

Since we were paying tribute to a literal word of wonders, it only seemed right to turn the box into a giant globe with care handling instructions on the outside and an interactive QR coded map on the inside, so customers could continue discovering hidden gems around the world.

Ultimately, we created a way to give our fantastic planet the standing ovation it deserves — even when we were sitting down.