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Earthling Studios Redesigns Jacksepticeye's Top Of The Mornin' Coffee Brand

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/22/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Content creator Jacksepticeye, or Seán McLoughlin, has over 29 million subscribers on YouTube, mainly producing let’s play, meme reactions, and other types of videos for about the last decade.

The Irish YouTuber has since branched out, venturing into the fashion businesses with Cloak, co-founded with fellow creator Markiplier. But in 2020, McLoughlin launched Top of the Mornin’, a limited-drop coffee line. Proving a hit with fans, Top of the Mornin’ underwent a rebrand as it moved from an experiment to a full-time business enterprise.

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Top of the Mornin’ enlisted Earthling Studio to create a brand that stands alone but still represents the values and character of its internet-famous founder. The branding starts with a personification of sunshine in the form of a bright yellow smiling sun called Sonny. Secondary characters include Lucky the Clover, a nod to Seán’s Irish roots, a down-to-earth Cup of Joe, and a rainbow character named Raye, who represents inclusivity. The entire cast lives on Planet Positivy, described as a place “where the absurdly positive vibes truly blossom.”

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“The world feels very heavy right now, so we set out to create a brand with as much absurdity and positivity as its founder. We worked closely with Jack to deliver a brand that brings people in and shuts nobody out,” said Stephen McDavid, creative partner at Earthling Studio, in a press release.

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Positive vibes go beyond Top of the Mornin’s branding and founder, Jacksepticeye. The coffee brand has pledged one percent of coffee sales to Crisis Text Line, a non-profit organization that provides text-based mental health support and crisis intervention. Top of the Mornin’ also offers to offset carbon emissions for every order.

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Top of the Mornin’ coffee line is available now and includes tea and hot chocolate beverages as well, at TopOfTheMorninCoffee.com

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