Featured image for Utendahl Creative-Designed Tilden Is Sophisticated Soberness

Utendahl Creative-Designed Tilden Is Sophisticated Soberness

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/20/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Tilden is a brand of non-alcoholic cocktails that provides a sophisticated, guilt-free libation experience. Founded by Vanessa Royle and Mariah Hilton Wood, the duo of non-drinkers was inspired when Royle quit drinking in 2020 and was disappointed in the lack of options for non-mind-altering cocktails.

Launching with a smoky Tandem and botanical Lacewing, Tilden’s cocktails come in 750 ml bottles, are pre-mixed, and ready to serve neat or on ice and with an optional garnish. Tilden suggests an orange peel garnish for Tandem and a cucumber ribbon for Lacewing.


The non-alcoholic (NA) cocktail brand looked to the talented team at Utendahl Creative to design its brand identity, strategy, and packaging, and the result is a fancy feast that signals an elevated drinking experience.


Style and sophistication are seen throughout Tilden’s branding, starting with the logo. Like an elegant signature, Tilden’s logo is formed with minimal strokes, creating a long-armed “T” at the top of a circle. Secondary typography is equally urbane, using tall serifs and script fonts to reinforce the brand’s elegant and booze-free positioning. The cocktail bottles are stout, thick glass vessels with narrow necks and topped with black caps. The labels also use premium paper, and the heavy texture is almost linen-like. The presentation has a chicness worthy of bar carts in the most stylish of homes, including dry and sober-curious ones.


Increased popularity in mixology and craft cocktails has raised the bar on the mixed drink experience. Sadly, for those eschewing alcohol, fewer options that offered that same level of complexity and nuance have been lacking until recently. Tilden is the latest example of NA-premixed possibilities that don’t sacrifice refinement to serve a tasty drink.

Tilden is available for order at DrinkTilden.com.