Featured image for The Working Assembly Refreshes Premium Almond Milk Brand Marin Living Foods

The Working Assembly Refreshes Premium Almond Milk Brand Marin Living Foods

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/02/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Marin Living Foods makes small-batch, additive-free almond milk in exciting flavors like berry goji, cocoa maca, matcha, vanilla chia, oat and almond blend, and almond original. Marin doesn’t like to consider its almond milk as an “alternative” to dairy, but literally in its own category.

Recently, Marin sought out creative agency The Working Assembly (TWA) to refresh the almond milk brand and build an identity anchored in a new, modern logo and a “defiantly delicious attitude.”


The new custom script wordmark’s fluidity is inspired by almond milk, as Diego Barragan, design director at TWA, explained in a press release. “The playful and surreal nature of the new brand look and feel really informed our decision to have a logotype that was equally different with a lot of movement and motion.”


Marin’s new bottle designs are streamlined and feature the new logo vertically across the front. The front of the packaging gets stripped to the essentials, and every bottle is now a solid color from a revised and contemporary color palette.


Twelve-ounce bottles are made from biodegradable PET plastic with an additive called Eco Clear from Captiva Containers, which describes making plastic as “landfill biodegradable.”


“We wanted to disrupt the absolutes and expectations for the alternative milk category, offering uncommon and innovative flavors such as ube, and goji, to wildly delicious plain almond milk. The Working Assembly really nailed the brief, giving our beloved brand a fresh and much-needed redesign,” said Gaina Lieu, founder of Marin Living Foods, in the same press release. “Our premium small batch nut milks are so much more than the plant-based alternatives out there, and they really highlighted the differentiation in all of their strategy, copy, and visual identity work.”