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McCormick Announces First Significant Packaging Change In Four Decades

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/15/2023 | 2 Minute Read

McCormick has announced an update to its signature red top packaging.

The redesign, performed in-house and in collaboration with their partner agency Davis, features a new cap called “SnapTight” that promises to keep spices fresher. It marks the first significant change in McCormick’s packaging in nearly 40 years.

The new red and black caps close with a clear, audible snap, giving consumers confidence that the jars are sealed. Additionally, the jar shapes are updated, losing the neck in favor of a more straightforward cylinder. 


What's more, McCormick refreshed the labels and enlarged the logo. Gone are the banners and sashes designating what spice you're buying. Instead, you've got a red dot with the product name and improved product photography. Overall, they've thoroughly modernized the branding with changes to type and graphics, and the longer-lasting freshness also receives a shout-out on the front. Additionally, the new packaging gets made from 50% post-consumer plastic.

Chili Powder_McCormick.jpg
Garlic Powder_McCormick.jpg

With the new packaging comes a new filling process for McCormick. According to the brand, the new packing technique draws out more oxygen, keeping the spices inside fresher for longer.


“Our new bottle redesign is not only a milestone celebration for the brand, but for our home cooks as well,” Nikki French, group VP of marketing at McCormick, said in a press release. “These changes deliver a new standard when it comes to our passion and continued pursuit of flavor.”


McCormick has already started the national rollout of the new packaging and will be transitioning its most popular spices this year.