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Who's the Greatest Brand Mascot Of All Time? VOTE in Dieline's Mascot Madness!

by Team Dieline on 03/14/2023 | 3 Minute Read

The NCAA Division I basketball tournament, commonly called “March Madness,” is only second to the NFL’s Superbowl in popularity. Last year, the final game of the NCAA tournament drew in 18.1 million viewers, averaging 10.7 million across the 67 live games broadcasted live. 

Every March, many folks—including casual followers of sportsballs— become enthralled with college round ball. The debate and discussions come hard and fast, with everyone having their own opinions, analysis, and systems to successfully fill out and predict the performance of all 68 teams participating.

But the thrilling excitement of a knockout tournament like March Madness isn’t limited to the hardwood. Take examples from any category, organize them in brackets, and baby, you got a stew going!

This year Dieline is offering another bracket to follow along called Mascot Madness. Instead of collegiate basketball programs, Dieline’s tournament pits brand mascots against each other for the title. You won’t see Little Debbie busting Mr. Peanut’s ankles or the Charmin Bears running a pick-and-roll during Mascot Madness. Instead, the winners of every matchup get decided by votes on Dieline’s LinkedIn account.

Dieline’s Mascot Madness features some of the most recognizable and beloved brand mascots across different categories. Breakfast cereals are well represented with powerhouses like Tony the Tiger, Tricks the Rabbit, and Count Chocula. Will they beat fast food favorites like Wendy, Ronald McDonald, or Colonel Sanders? The Mucinex monsters are the only mascots from the health and medicine category, but maybe there are enough Mr. Mucus thirst fiends to carry the brand through the tournament to the end.


Voting for Division 1 will kick off on LinkedIn this Thursday, March 16th, with the Division 2 bracket voting starting on Friday, March 17th. Our Sweet 16 will commence on Tuesday, March 21st, with the final 8 voting on March 24th. The Final 4 showdown takes place on March 28th, with the finals scheduled for March 31st.

The overall winner will be announced on April 3rd.

If you’re enough of a degenerate gambler to put money on Mascot Madness, please do so responsibly.