Featured image for Boutique Dog Hotel Yardstick Turns To Saint Urbain For A Polished Packaging System

Boutique Dog Hotel Yardstick Turns To Saint Urbain For A Polished Packaging System

by Chloe Gordon on 03/13/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Saint Urbain recently worked with the Nashville-based boutique dog hotel to create a name, visual identity, and packaging system for the brand. The result is a visual system that helps convey the dog brand's upscaleness while highlighting its homey characteristics. The packaging emphasizes a bold, sophisticated logo with playful, but not immature, geometric shapes sprinkled across the white packaging. 


Yardstick is a boutique dog hotel based in Nashville, TN, offering premium boarding and daycare services. Their suites-only concept aims to reimagine dog hospitality by offering more personalized care in a stress-free, elevated environment. We were approached to develop a name and visual identity for Yardstick to help express that they are a premium, trustworthy dog hotel with a friendly disposition.

A combination of two simple things that dogs love and that can help convey a homey, elevated experience in one word, as well as a way of measuring value or quality against their competitors, Yardstick, was the name our clients chose from a list of 10 names, including: Belly Rub, Toodles, and Near & Dear.

With a fun, but respectable name in hand, we developed Yardstick’s visual identity, aiming to be a hospitably sophisticated brand, resonating with Millenial and Gen X dog parent’s. To do this, we developed a bold, custom logo with little character details, along with a collection of custom shapes and framing mechanisms based on dog toys.