Featured image for New Brand Identity For Smartwater

New Brand Identity For Smartwater

by Chloe Gordon on 02/07/2023 | 2 Minute Read


Ever since 1996, smartwater has disrupted the status quo of bottled water by reimagining what water could be. Over time, smartwater has met new demand with new flavors, new innovations and new variants. The constantly growing portfolio unfortunately led to an overloaded design and a cluttered appearance that made smartwater lose its distinction. A rebranding was needed to revitalize the smartwater brand and regain its position as being the unique original and preferred premium choice.

In a Simplify to Clarify process we challenged everything the brand communicated, no matter touch point, to find the core that represents the smartwater people love. The process led to updated brand values, new design principles and a clear direction how to handle the smartwater brand from now on.


We treated the droplet with new respect and gave it a stronger role in the identity and a future possibility to carry brand recognition on its own. Another important part of the smartwater brand is the transparency. It's rooted in the story about how smartwater is produced, the bottle itself and how the brand acts. Bringing the droplet and transparency together has given us a whole playground to use for communication. The droplet together with smart is what people recognize on-pack. So, we created an updated logo giving smart a more prominent placement. Water goes without saying and is now placed in a lower hierarchy. An imagery style that captures people in a natural way, confirming the unconventional approach and show that smartwater is adding value to everyday life and is not only for special occasions.