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Mi Earphones Necklace's Packaging Creates A Sculpture Effect

by Chloe Gordon on 02/27/2023 | 3 Minute Read

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Different from other earphones on the market, this is a necklace-like earphone with a long decorative line and a control panel with a metal streamer effect. Using molded fiber, this packaging is carved with a sculpture-like relief effect on the pulp box to highlight the industrial design of this headset that combines technology and art.

The idea is to start from the industrial design of the product itself and use the relief to highlight the feature of the product's decorative function. Relief craft is a three-dimensional effect that is out of plane, light, and smooth, carved by artists on hard materials. The embossing process interprets the balance of power and beauty; just like the decorative earphones have the characteristics of simple and elegant jewelry on the basis of both technology and art.

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Utilizing the high plasticity of molded fiber, the packaging uses a raised process to create a relief texture on the outer packaging, which makes the packaging concept highly integrated with the product characteristics, highlighting the elegant and delicate product characteristics. At the same time, the natural texture and touch of molded fiber also present a dramatic visual contrast with the streamer effect of the product, perfectly integrating the relief beauty with the product texture, and enhancing the user experience through visual tension.

Molded fiber packaging has limitations in molding and mold production, and traditional design methods cannot effectively fix the product. Due to the complex appearance of the product, the cable of the earphone is relatively long, and it cannot be bent and folded excessively, and it is also inconvenient to curl and store. How to effectively carry and fix the product has become a difficulty.

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In the design of the packaging structure, the edge of the product holder is folded back to form a groove, and the wire control is stuck so that the product is fixed on the product holder. At the same time, in an unconventional way, use punch cut tech to open holes on the side, bend the product line from the front to the back, and naturally snap into the package, ensuring good display and protection functions, and reducing the number of components. Make full use of the middle space on the back of the product holder to place accessories storage boxes such as earplugs and charging cables, so as to reduce the packaging volume and make the packaging more compact.

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The packaging is made from molded fiber, using bamboo and sugarcane waste. Under the condition of ensuring good display and protection, the product is naturally embedded in the packaging in the most beautiful form, which improves the unpacking experience. At the same time, through the packaging structure and material design, the labor consumption, the number of components, and the cost are reduced, and the production steps are highly automated. After the packaging is discarded, it can be completely degraded through treatment. From production to recycling, the degree of environmental protection is high, and the whole cycle of the product is environmentally friendly.

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