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Faculty's Tooth Gem Kit Is A Retro Delight In Smoking Hot Packaging

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/27/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Gen Z seems to have an insatiable nostalgia for Y2K. Young folks are embracing everything from the bygone era, whether it's fashion or flip phones. But it isn’t just flared jeans and foldable, low-tech phones that Gen Z is embracing—the kids are now splashing cash to give their teeth some sparkle with tooth gems.

Last popularized in the late 90s and 00s principally by hip-hop, then at the height of its “bling” era, artists found that chrome rims on cars and gem-encrusted watches weren’t enough flash to shine, eventually bejeweling their chompers.


Faculty is offering zoomers a tooth gem kit to outfit their grille with some extra pizzazz. The kit includes everything necessary to self-apply tooth gems at home and five Clarity clear gems. Additionally, Faculty has five more gem designs in different colors available as add-ons. Faculty’s tooth gems stay on for about two weeks and can easily be removed anytime.


Packaging isn’t necessarily a vintage throwback, but it might as well be for the non-smoking Gen Zers. The tooth gem kit packaging resembles a pack of Newport cigarettes, and the top of the box flips open in white and says “Faculty” on the front, similar to Newport's logo. The rest of the box features the classic gold ring and dark blue stripes over a turquoise blue background. Faculty’s logo is on the bottom of the packaging in gold and includes labeling that mimics health warnings. Instead of a picture of an unhealthy mouth and a message about how smoking tobacco damages the body, Faculty’s packaging uses a bejeweled smile and details on the package contents.

Fads and trends are cyclical, sure. But it’s unclear why zoomers are digging through deep cuts from the Y2K archives. Hip huggers and Friends aren’t enough to scratch the nostalgia itch. What will be the next fashion trend zoomers hype on TikTok, the Nelly bandaid?

Images courtesy of Faculty.