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More Flowerful: Full Lineup Packaging Design

by Chloe Gordon on 02/21/2023 | 6 Minute Read

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Our mission is to enhance people’s lives through exceptional cannabis experiences.

For over a decade, we’ve made products that no one else had before, made better and better for us. A trusted national brand, we’re in an industry where the rules are still being written and standards aren’t always clear, so we’re raising the bar for pure products, unique experiences and an unparalleled passion for the plant — delivering well-being and equitable opportunity through cannabis.

2022 marked a significant milestone for the brand where we expanded our product lineup beyond our award-winning vaporizer devices to launch PAX cannabis products, enabling us to bring the holistic benefits of the flower to everyone in a more meaningful way. On the heels of a rebrand, we had a very important job to be done: convey our brand ethos of bringing the best out of the flower through the distinguishing beliefs that set us apart.


This year, we launched a brand new lineup of our entire product portfolio that required a compelling visual narrative to communicate the benefits and reasons to believe in each product to our customers — four new devices (including various colorways and custom artist limited editions) and four new cannabis products in multiple cultivars and SKUs each. On the heels of a company rebrand, we needed to showcase our new look and feel, while providing education around novel products that were unfamiliar to consumers, while still clearly distinguishing and articulating the differences between each. And we needed to accomplish all of this within the onerously stringent regulatory requirements that the cannabis industry faces, including a patchwork of different rules across each market in which we operate. Fortunately, our creative team was up to the challenge, and delivered a design narrative that captured our place in consumers hearts and on the retail shelf.

Every product we create brings something novel to the consumer — whether in formulation, form factor, quality or other opportunities for innovation. And our packaging must tell that story.

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Our devices have been award-winning and category defining for more than a decade and our newest lineup is no different. We launched the PAX Plus and PAX Mini this year, our new dry herb flower vaporizers from the collection that holds the New York Times Wirecutter title for best portable vaporizer on the market. This device is the top of the game and we leveraged saturated, monochromatic packaging that feels rich and premium for the cannabis enthusiast who wants that superior experience.

Our new Era is re-engineered to deliver 50% bigger, more potent hits. An intuitive, new anti-clog feature ensures easy, consistent & flavorful draws. The iconic, pocket-sized PAX Era delivers reliable puffs time after time. We needed packaging that not only communicated that, but brought to mind the vibrancy of the lifestyle that comes with the ease of a pen and pod system. So we leveraged a clear plastic cover to provide a sneak peek of the device on shelf, and introduced our best colorways yet, the ultras, which include pink, green, blue and black. Our ecommerce sales of this device have been our best ever.

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The first product we launched was Fresh Pressed Live Rosin with Natural Diamonds, a premium product in one of the fastest growing vape categories due to the full flower experience rosin delivers. This product is all natural and 100% cannabis, and we wanted to articulate those differentiators visually through how it came to life on shelf. So our team came up with a kraft box that stood out on the shelf and conveyed the high purity, natural attributes of the product. Metallic embossing of the product name and details created a premium feel in alignment with the quality of the product, and the inclusion of our brand cannabis icon represented the full flower nature of the fresh pressed live rosin at the heart of the product. This product has been a huge success with discerning consumers to date and received a first place High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Award for the vape category.

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PAX Diamonds is a different product with a different story: representing diamonds, the purest form of THC, the plant's most celebrated cannabinoid, each cultivar boasts 95%+ THC for a naturally potent experience which is what our customers are looking for. This packaging is punchy and upbeat, inspired by the bold use of color in fashion, which play on the novelty of a pure THCA Diamonds product.

Our High Purity THC is California cannabis oil is sourced for its purity and potency, enhanced with a terpene blend for unique flavors & aroma profiles. We needed a look and feel that conveyed this simplicity and felt accessible to the consumer, while still reflecting the elements that make PAX stand out from the rest. So our design leveraged simple black matte packaging with universal appeal, but an elevated holographic embossing that communicated the cultural relevance, vibrancy and intention behind the formulation.

LR _ Diamonds _ HPTHC Lineup.png

PAX Infused Flower with Melt Water Hash is as novel as it gets, boasting infused flower into pressed pucks formed to work perfectly with — or without — our vaporizer devices. New to the consumer in form, it required a packaging design that stood out as well. We leveraged a freshly sealed reusable crush-proof metal tin with key child resistance elements, and a wrap that communicated the earthy nature of our California grown cannabis flower — the purity of full-flower cannabis with the infused potency that provide a perfectly balanced experience.

Every single one of our cannabis products leverage the same labeling system that communicates key cultivar, potency, strain (sativa, indica and hybrid) information for ease of consumer use — supporting product education, recognition and conversion at the point of consideration and sale. This is more important than ever in the cannabis category where many consumers are making purchases for the very first time as the addressable market grows.


As a leader in cannabis, we are dedicated to the plant and protecting our planet, increasing sustainability in our business and beyond. This starts with the products we make, which are designed for durability over time. In fact, our PAX Plus comes with a 10 year warranty, because we believe so deeply in its longevity. This commitment extends to our packaging, all of which leverages recyclable materials. This means that our creative team is making very intentional design choices at every step of the process, to not just ensure that our packaging effectively communicates key information to consumers and looks great, but also priorities elements of sustainability wherever we can.

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Our new PAX Plus packaging is our most sustainable packaging yet, 100% recyclable, made from natural craft which is partially sourced from recycled material. We have also completely removed the magnet and glue we utilized in previous packaging iterations, along with some of the padding in our shipping cargo to majorly reduce our footprint. Our new Era packaging is nearly all paper (insert included), aside from the recyclable PET cover.

Our pod packaging is made from Forest Stewardship Council certified paperboard, ensuring the responsible, renewable sourcing of this sustainable resource. We leverage a vendor that invests in Renewable Energy Credits, equivalent to the amount of energy they consume in manufacturing processes, which is renewable electricity from a low- or zero-emissions wind turbine resources. Our infused flower pucks are in a crush-proof metal tin that isn’t just recyclable — it’s even reusable for credit cards or cannabis on the go, perfectly attaching to the back of a phone through the Apple Magsafe system. We look forward to continuing to identify ways to further drive sustainability through the cannabis industry and our product packaging.

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