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FOODZILLA Involves Children In The Pet Care Process

by Chloe Gordon on 02/20/2023 | 2 Minute Read


Learn caring by playing. Rodents are small animals, but very active and restless. They are happy to tear something, chew, dig up, smash. For us, rodents are small, their concerns for humans are mostly insignificant. After all, almost all the problems of a hamster can be solved with just one movement of the hand. Everything is so huge in their hamster world, and people are just incredible giants. But what if you switch with a hamster and turn into a little man, as in the book by Astrid Lindgren "Baby Nils Carlson". So I wonder how life works in this hamster world? I wonder how they live, what they entertain themselves with, or what difficulties they have? Why do they sleep during the day and dig up everything around at night? How do they find food for themselves and what do they like to eat the most? What are the dangers of a small animal's life and how does it cope with them? And the most important question is, why do rodents bite?

These questions gave me an idea, which served as the concept for the new product.


Many people are familiar with the situation when children ask to have a pet. At least a small one, like a hamster. But parents most often disagree, because they know that they may have to take care of him themselves. But if, after all, the child was given a cherished guinea pig or hamster, then at this moment it is important to involve the child in the process of caring for a pet, teach him care and care. In order not to turn it into a boring routine, and the process was creative and exciting, snacks for rodents with several tastes in the form of recognizable figures, airplanes, helicopters, etc. were invented.. And what else can Godzilla eat?