Featured image for Pepsi's Limited-Edition Super Bowl  Bottle Highlights Arizona’s Beauty

Pepsi's Limited-Edition Super Bowl Bottle Highlights Arizona’s Beauty

by Chloe Gordon on 02/03/2023 | 2 Minute Read

The 2023 Super Bowl will occur at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. To celebrate the home of the game, Pepsi has released a limited-edition packaging design for its zero-sugar soda. The packaging, created by the in-house PepsiCo Design team, highlights an encapsulating Arizona sunset with the beloved Arizona flora and fauna framing the landscape.

The aluminum can acts as a sustainable base for the design, and while aluminum can often make for a challenging base for gradients, the execution is flawless. The deep purple-to-orange sunset adds a rich, omnipresent aesthetic to a bottle that already feels like it belongs in everyone's hands. The Superbowl lends itself to the best of the game in creativity, and this bottle design continues the winning streak.


As the creative in-house force at PepsiCo, PepsiCo Design & Innovation was inspired by Arizona’s unmatched energy, vibrant communities and breathtaking natural environment. The Valley of the Sun’s sweeping scenery has inspired artists throughout history, and PepsiCo Design is joining their ranks with limited edition Pepsi artwork celebrating the host of this year’s ultimate football event.    

The Design & Innovation team illustrated the bottle’s design, capturing the flora and fauna of the Arizona desert, including cacti and bushes, coyote, snakes, birds and more. There are also nods to football with a player in the foreground and a football constellation in the stars. Though printing a gradient on a bottle is often a challenge, the team pushed the boundaries with a vibrant purple to orange gradient on the aluminum bottle, achieving a sunrise effect. Eagle-eyed shoppers will find football and Arizona Easter eggs throughout the bottle’s design.   

Carl Gerhards, Senior Director, Design, Pepsi North America, explains, “With this aluminum bottle, we wanted to capture the moment of opportunity and unmatched energy when the day starts and the sun reveals the cultural oasis of Phoenix within the Arizona desert.” 

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