Featured image for DEON LIBRA's Unbothered Adaptogenic Elixir Is Inspired By Vintage Murano Glass Perfume Bottles

DEON LIBRA's Unbothered Adaptogenic Elixir Is Inspired By Vintage Murano Glass Perfume Bottles

by Chloe Gordon on 02/02/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Vintage Murano glass perfume bottles of the 60s featured a bulbous shape with a circular top, leaning into a pop-art-centered aesthetic that didn't shy away from playful silhouettes and colorways. Inspired by this fearless take on packaging design, Nice People designed DEON LIBRA’s Unbothered Adaptogenic Elixir branding, graphics, and carton design which leans into the perfume packaging's shape. The innovative design rethinks the adaptogen and beverage space, inspiring brands to take a more courageous approach to package design.


Inspired by the silhouette of vintage Murano glass perfume bottles of the 1960s, the jar top was designed to invoke feelings of nostalgia, familiarity, and luxury. DEON LIBRA’s Unbothered Adaptogenic Elixir jar was designed to live outside of your kitchen cabinets.

It is a functional beverage container in the form of a countertop art piece. It is the packaging you refuse to discard and can’t wait to repurpose. It is the product that reminds you that you are worthy of everything good every time you grab it to prepare your adaptogenic beverage.


The goal was to create a timeless aesthetic that felt luxurious and inspired the customer to create space for a deeply personal daily ritual—making a morning beverage. Unbothered’s primary packaging is proof that luxury is attainable for all. It looks good and tastes amazing, and you feel even better.

Functionality does not mean sterile and muted. For us, all people deserve to look good and feel good, and the products they purchase should make them feel that way at first sight. Wellness has been boring and bland for a long time—that changes with us.


During our R&D phase, we conducted surveys in order to help us build a brand people actually crave. With almost 3,000 responses to our R&D surveys, the color polls were our most telling experiment. For our target market and community (Black Folks), the day we polled the color red was the most insightful part of brand building. When asked how the color red made them feel, the responses left us overjoyed. Empowered. Bold. Intelligent. Sexy. Confident. We immediately knew red was our winner—loving (like your Granny), warm + comforting (like a blanket), uplifting (like a coach), and fearless (like our ancestors).

If we knew nothing else, we knew we’d be an aesthetically-pleasing, bold, red brand, that gave a fuck about the longevity of Black life, while the wellness industry continued to ignore our cries for a wellness brand we felt safe with and could call our own.

DEON LIBRA is an adaptogenic stress care brand formulated to support the body’s natural ability to handle stress and activate lasting healthy skin. We believe skincare is most effective when we address the root cause of our skin concerns first—our stress. The goal is a stress-less lifestyle. Not a stress-free one. Our flex is an inside-and-out approach to stress management that doesn’t diminish but emphasizes the beauty that is Blackness. This is stress care by us, for y’all.