Featured image for Auge Design Gives Pick UP!’s Packaging System An Energetic Refresh For the Kids

Auge Design Gives Pick UP!’s Packaging System An Energetic Refresh For the Kids

by Chloe Gordon on 02/16/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Bahlsen, an international sweet biscuit manufacturer, is known for its range of brands. Its youngest is a brand dubbed Pick UP!, individually wrapped chocolate sandwiched between two biscuits. The brand recently celebrated its 22 years of existence and needed a new, more modern visual identity. 

Pick UP! wanted its new packaging system to be viewed as the chocolate biscuit bar meant for teens within the Bahlsen range. So the brand turned to Auge Design to create and embrace more youthful energy, the same folks that carried out their redesign back in 2021.


Auge leaned into the brand's existing yellow coloring but gave the hue a brighter, more modern shade. Additionally, Auge implemented white space, removing the middle color and sticking to a simple, all-blue wrapper. The updated imagery also adds a hint of dynamism, highlighting an image that embraces the dessert's expressive snap. Yet, each of the flavors gets differentiated through diverse colors. 

The brand's previous logo had its own set of sharp quirks, but Auge added more sharp edges, adding hints of a more peculiar perspective. What's more, the new branding system leans into Pick Up!'s desire to promote a more positive brand attitude. The more modern approach also allows the Gen Z and Alpha demographic to feel more connected to the brand by creating more desirable packaging that leans into the elements that worked from the previous design.