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Jinkuang: The Perfect Laminar Flow

by Chloe Gordon on 02/15/2023 | 2 Minute Read


The Solution / Project Description

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Background: In the bottled water market in China, the price of high-end natural mineral water has always been high. Jinmailang, a Chinese famous brand, wants to design and produce a brand new bottled natural mineral water and sell it at a cheaper price to win the competitive water selling war.

Theme: With an aim at the high-end market, the new bottled water is shaped with the inspiration of laminar flow. It is conducted with a rule of less is more. The bottle itself is a section of water flow, natural but with a fine noble touch.

Creativity: The design was inspired by the "bug" of the world -- the perfect laminar flow phenomenon. (When water molecules move slowly and regularly in the same direction, they create a stream that appears to be completely stationary.) Our bottle is designed to break the boundary between movement and stillness. The lines on the bottle transit from dense to sparse from top to bottom, like a cluster of flowing spring water. It is a section of water flow, with beautiful scattering and refraction lights when the bottle is lit up by any light beam. At the same time, the ups and downs of the curve can also fit the palm better, creating a more comfortable and stable grip. The label of the bottle mainly shows the beauty of the Chinese character, Jin Kuang ( meaning Jinmailang’s mineral water) reflecting the confidence of Chinese culture in the brand connotation. Using the technique of shared calligraphy strokes, the product name "Jin" and "Kuang" are artfully combined together, which to Chinese consumers, becomes a remarkable symbol. The colors are the most traditional Chinese color combo, gold and red. With clean and natural white, the whole bottle of water conveys the noble temperament of Chinese style. In detail, gold-stamping and embossment are used to enhance the bottle’s perception accuracy, where consumers can easily feel it when touching it.

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  • Designed By: Shenzhen Tigerpan Design Co., Ltd.
  • Chief Designer :: Tiger Pan
  • Assistant Designer:: Fan Xianguo
  • Assistant Designer:: Lang Xiaolei
  • Assistant Designer: Xia Xuedan
  • Technical Support :: Xie Zhangkun
  • 3D Renderer :: Wu Juanjuan
  • Illustrator:: Yi Ping
  • Video Editing:: Ma Chao
  • Project management :: You Hua


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