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PERC's In-House-Designed Branding Is A Visual Jolt Of Caffeine

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/13/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Georgia-based Panther’s Eye Roasting Company realized its name is a bit of a mouthful. 

Fortunately for them, the acronym PERC works like gangbusters for a coffee brand. Not only is it a homophone for “perk,” which coffee induces in most of us, but it's also shorthand for “percolator,” a brewing method that was more popular before the widespread adoption of automatic drip brewers and instant coffee.

PERC’s energy is on full display with the rest of its branding, including the packaging. Designed in-house by Brad Praria with Philip Brown, PERC’s packaging manifests that jolt of alertness fueled by caffeine.


Coffee can get very snobby, but PERC’s system communicates the “vibe” level clearly and simply. There are three vibe levels, wild, balanced, and mild. Wild’s primary color is pink, and bags come marked with a “rock” horn hand graphic. Balanced uses yellow and a peace sign graphic, while Mild’s color is blue with a thumbs-up.

3_4_closup (1).png

The logo is a giant 3D “PERC” surrounded by roasted coffee beans—a lighting bolt pattern runs down the length of the beans, a nice subtle touch. The characters’ rounded corners give the logo approachability and temper the audacity of the branding.


While the front of the bag is bold, the sides are transparent, allowing customers to see the beans and compare the roast level. Copy on the clear sides adds personality to the brand, with affirmative phrases like “Be Balanced!,” “Stay Wild!,” and “Get Mild!” Bolt-like lines adorn the sides of the Wild bags—meanwhile, Mild goes curvy, and Balanced opts for radiating lines on the packaging that resemble sun rays.


Overall, PERC’s branding has a tinge of 90s nostalgia that’s fun, but it doesn’t lean hard on the retro theme. Instead, it adds dynamic details that enhance the brand's energy and vibrance, a perfect fit for any upstart coffee maker.